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Greg Gardella

Beth, my daughter, Annalise, is in Costa Rica right now going to school. She arrived there almost two weeks ago and will be there through the end of May. I will be visiting her in late March and will watch out for the cacao tour...I don't much like mosquitoes, but wouldn't mind seeing a big cat or croc...at a short distance, of course. :-)

Thanks for posting your experience and the recipe to go along with it. I'll give it a try!

Claire Watts

Well Beth, first you made my heart flutter in fear while you were walking through that jungle, then made my mouth water as you all ate the fruits of your chocolate making. Incredible journeys you take as a family - just wonderful.

Thomas | Hand blender India

Thanks for a useful recipe.It is good to add some butter with this chocolate recipe(after it is completely chilled) to make it even more tastier! The Costa rican jungle experience is amazing!


I use blueberries, strawberries, and bananas along with it. It taste much better for me.

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Its a great idea actually Beth. I was reading your story and then I get hooked to to your recipe.

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I was a bit scared after reading the title. No mosquito no chocolate thing. But, now I seem to get your point what exactly you are trying to convey.

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i like it

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